The future

Hey gang, how goes the reading?
I’m really excited to be writing the first post for our new blog. In the next week or so we should have a few reviews our of previous reads to pop on here also. If you feel like writing a review, or anything you think readers of the blog would like, just send me or Rachel a message.
So, I thought it would be handy to give you a list of all our future meetings, and where possible the book we will be reading or the theme for that months book.

29th May – The Secret Life of Bletchley Park by Sinclair McKay
26th June – Book yet to be picked
31st July – Baileys Prize winner ( hopefully this is ok with everyone)
28th August – Classic novel yet to be picked
25th September – Gone Girl ( to tie-in with seeing the film of Gone Girl in October)
30th October – Book not yet picked
27th November – Last meeting of the year

With in that is picking our books for each month, but I’ll leave that off the list so not to confuse. But if I have confused you, feel free to message me and ask any questions or give any suggestions.

Hope you all have book filled weekends,